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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Benefits of Dancing Ganesha

"Name:Baiju A
Comments:I am planing to buy a " Dancing Ganapathy" in my home. Can you say the benefits of this. Any problem if putting this statue in my Prayer Room. If you can give guidance I am very thank full to you."
Benefits of Dancing Ganapathy are linked to accentuating the South East Direction. Due to the significance of Venus attached to the Direction; it can be beneficial for the members residing at the site, if they are linked to any form of Art/creativity. Also it is strongly recommended as to not to place the Dancing Ganesha in your Prayer room. Depending on the Appropriate Direction of Main Door and the Living Room, it can be correctly placed so as to attain the positive effects of it


  1. It is still not cleared to me. Can you please guide where to put this exactly in from of main door or outside the main door ?? precisely if any bad effect then it will be glad to know, because I have a dancing ganesha slightly different than the above one and feeling that some bad effects are coming due to this. Please help it will be really great.

  2. Where to keep a painting of Standing Ganesha?